Monday, February 10, 2014

High Point Climbing and Fitness

Forrest has been eye-balling the new climbing gym downtown for a few weeks now and we finally made our first visit this past weekend.  He's always been a fan of bouldering and I've only been a fan of cheering him on from the sidelines.  The thought of climbing a rock with no ropes and a small "crash pad" at the bottom to catch your fall never really appealed to me until the gym opened.  High Point Climbing was the perfect place for us to spend the afternoon - climbing for him, little climbing / mostly treadmilling for me.
we biked / ran over because parking can be a biznitch
it's a monster
you can even rope climb up the outside of the building
(although i'll probably be passing on that)
tall wall
loves it the most
a few thoughts:
1)  bouldering in a gym with a padded floor was a blast
2)  best arm work out ever
3)  i may be slightly afraid of heights

if you find yourself in chattanooga,
check this place out!
high point climbing and fitness
219 broad street
(i mean you can't miss it)


  1. Love Love Love this post! Ben would so do this! I would try! Awesome place!

  2. Ben & I would LOVE this! We must get to Chatt soon!