Friday, January 24, 2014

instalife lately

photos from my phone,
and forrest's too....
it was freezing one saturday but i couldn't sit inside our tiny apartment for one more minute.
after forrest took 30 minutes to layer on long john after long john after long john, we strolled to the river and obviously, had the whole place to ourselves
"hmm, i don't know about these hot pink pants you are sporting!?! woofie woof!"
i'm not sure what goes on in this building but i want to move in
the furry faces that i love so!
fancy brew at the flying squirrel
one reason i love chattanooga is there is always something artsy to see around every corner
"mama, i feel like we are being watched! woofienobueno"
greens and yella pils, just what the doc ordered
no matter how cold it is, we love some hiking in stringer's ridge
the cutest bakery in the bluff view art district,
you can't walk by without getting hungry
tennessee aquarium, one visit is enough for me
not exactly like the love locks bridge in paris but it's a start
we're teaching him to look both ways before crossing the street
"psssh, everyone stops for me!  woofieyeah!"
i drive by this creepy lady every day after work
don't get me wrong, i love chilly weather but can't wait for warmer city strolls (and patio brews).
hurry up spring!
why am i blogging at 9:30 on a Friday morning?
i took a vacation day before losing it, my mind and the day off :)
but i have to say, if i'm crunching numbers on an adding machine all day, at least this is the lobby at the office.
have a great weekend!  cheers!

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  1. I love warm weather but there is just something about bundling up and heading outside!