Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a day on lookout mountain

A few weekends ago, we all bundled up and roamed around Lookout Mountain.  We hiked, found a few rocks to climb, checked out the view from Point Park, tasted a few beers from a local brewery, and ate yellow snow (only Sal).
i climbed the rock first and then forrest tossed up sal for a photo ;)
"the things i do for you, girl!  woofienotcool!"
"mmmm, my yellow snow is tasty! woofiejokes!"
tender bones jackson had on four layers of long johns but still enjoyed the views of chattanooga
point park battlefield
getting their history on
"when can we have beer?!" - both sal and forrest
moccasin bend brewing company - local brewery in a basement in an old st elmo building that allows fur balls, sign us up!!
raising the woof for local brews!


  1. Wow they let your pup in the brewery? That's pretty awesome!

  2. gorgeous view! i think one of my favorite feelings is when you reach the top of a mountain and look around the world beneath you. so great.