Friday, October 25, 2013

instalife lately

a few photos from my phone
and forrest's too.....
wrestling in renaissance park, it was a tough battle but sal eventually won
finally fall although this week has felt like winter
"let me play mama! woofieloosentheleash!"
hiking stringers ridge....
and we made it to the lookout this time around
family time on the river front
roasted chickpeas with cumin and fresh cilantro - how did forrest get so lucky? Ha!
what running 11.5 miles looks like
some of our absolute favorites visited us from bama....
and i held the baby man cub not once but twice!! #highfive
oktoberfest at the farmers market - miss you sista k!
salvie dressed up as "the bad guy" for an early halloween celebration at dog daycare
"dayum, i look gooooood! woofieyeah!"
have a great weekend! 

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  1. roasted chickpeas with cumin and fresh cilantro?! sounds amazing!

    Now following!