Thursday, October 17, 2013

chalk art

Hi friends, Salvador here!  It's been a while, huh?!  I've been busy sniffing tail at doggie daycare, barking at the neighbors who walk by the apartment, and strolling the streets of Chattanooga.  The other day my parentals took me down the block to check out some art work.  When I over heard their conversation I thought to myself "oh geez, this should be a snore!" but it was quite the adventure!
mama thought the bright LOL was cool but I was checking out something else, woofieyeah!
while they were preoccupied with all the chalk art, i was eating the leftovers.
you know what that means...#colorfulpoop
i know how to spell my name anddddd she nearly choked me trying to get this photo
twerkin' ain't easy with short legs and paws
so i gave up and headed home to practice.


  1. Hey salvie
    Its great to see that you are able to get your parents out to enjoy the day.I hope some day to come up and see you let you show me around,we may let brooke and forrest go to .all may love uncle john

  2. haha,,
    i love it when you stop by sal,
    and that's such an interesting alley to walk by