Monday, April 23, 2012

Local Lettuce and Hairballs

     Whewww, I hope your Monday was better than ours!  I'll back up to Sunday afternoon which started off with a bang......
A special delivery was left on our front porch!  Our friends, Kristen & Jeremy, have a for real garden and apparently four green thumbs....they left a bag full of fresh, homegrown lettuce leafers!!  I already had lunch and it was too early for dinner but I made myself a salad anyway - happy veg head!
     All morning Salvador seemed a bit sluggish and not quite himself so Forrest left for a family function while I tried to cheer up the Pom once Sister and I made it home from church.  We went for a walk but he didn't last very long before he sat down in the grass......
I thought he just wanted to stop and smell the flowers.
 More spring blooms from our stroll. 
Love the smell of honeysuckle!
Wind?  What wind?!?!
     Anyway, Forrest arrived home around 5:00 pm and while we were eating dinner...
Spicy black bean burger with K & J lettuce, avocado, ketchup, sriracha sauce, and sesame pretzels.
     the Pom started going downhill fast!  He was hunched over, couldn't get comfortable, his smile turned upside-down, and we could tell he was in pain. He finally went to sleep late last night and then this morning I carried him to the vet at 8:00 am......
"Do something!  I feel like shadoobie!  Woofienofun!"
     The vet examined him, decided to take an x-ray, and finally asked if he had eaten anything unusual lately.......
Ohhhhhh!  Well now that you ask, he did eat half of a wooden footstool last week.
     So yes, his insides were swollen and full of wood particles and hairballs!!  Luckily, they were able to make my footstool and his fur coat pass on through his err exit door without surgery.....
Hmmm...thought we had a dog?!??


  1. Poor little goat, I mean dog. HA! Hope he's feeling lots better, nothing like a good poop.

  2. Hahahaha! You are so crazy and I love your wild comments. He is better now...back to barking and bouncing off the walls :) Good to have our little firecracker back in action!