Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Roundup and Oak & Olive

     It's been a rainy, windy weekend in lower Alabama but we tried to make the most of it.  Friday night our friends, Jeremy and Kristen, came over for brews and pizza.
Forrest spent a few minutes trying to decide on which piece had the most meat.
     "Hey guys, I want some pizza!  Woofieplease!!"
     After hanging out for a while, we meet a few friends at Audrey's Cigar & Wine Bar and continued the party.
Sister times.
Amanda found Salvador a girlfriend.
We had a blast hanging out with our favorite people and finally called it a night to go home and snuggle with the fluff puff.
     Saturday was all rain and no play - at least not outside.  We threw the tennis ball inside with Salvador until his legs couldn't take it any longer....
"Please let me lay down and nap now! Woof!"
     Since we were cooped up in the house all day long, Forrest and I went out for a date night dinner at Oak & Olive.  We have heard amazing things about the food, drinks, and atmosphere and it definitely didn't disappoint.  Warning:  the next few pictures are horrible and do the meal no justice but I couldn't bring myself to bust out the flash....
Tuna tartar with pita and avocado eggrolls.
Stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon.  
Hats off to the chef - the presentation and taste of the food is like nothing else you'll find in Dothan.  Delicious!!!
I highly recommend the avocado eggrolls.  The combination of fresh avocado, shredded cabbage, and sun dried tomatoes works so well together.
    We love the idea of ordering multiple small plates and being able to eat a little bit of everything. For more photos, check out their facebook page where the talented Justin April worked his camera-magic before O & O's grand opening a few weeks ago.  Hope you all had a fun weekend and have a great Presidents' Day if you are lucky enough to be off work :)


  1. We loved Oak & Olive! So good!

    Pizza & beer was on our weekend menu too!

  2. Hey Bailey! The avocado rolls were super delicious - I could eat more right now, ha! Hope you had a great weekend!

    @Anonymous - soooo glad Oak & Olive decided to make Dothan its home! I can't wait to go back...although a few more vegetarian options on the menu would be nice :)

  3. that looks like a yummy food weekend!!

  4. Ha - we really did eat all weekend long, darn rain! :)

  5. I've heard of Oak and Olive but haven't been yet - will go now simply for those delicious avocado rolls!

  6. Hi! Yes, you must go to Oak & Olive soon! I've been thinking about those avocado eggrolls since we left on Saturday night :) Let me know what you think!