Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Curry Couscous with Asparagus & Dr Dog News!

     We have our air conditioner on in January - madness!  Since it was a warm and beautiful day, Salvador and I went for a walk during my lunch break....
"I need my sunglasses!  Woof woof!"
"And maybe you can rub some sun block on me! Woofie"
     Tonight's dinner was another healthy ten minute meal.....
Rinse, chop, and saute fresh asparagus in extra virgin olive oil until tender.
Forrest actually bought this brown rice, gluten-free, vegan couscous the other day from Publix without it even being on the grocery list!  It brought a tear to my eye - he's learning, slowly but surely.  Follow the directions on the package.  Basically bring two cups of water to boil, add cous and curry spice packet, cover, and reduce to low.  Continue to cook for ten minutes and fluff with a fork.
The dish was good but I do prefer regular or Israeli couscous - this kind was more hearty and less fluffy.
Forrest:  "This tastes really healthy - do we have any ice cream?"
     I have major news (sorry parents, not pregnant!).  Are you sitting down? Ok good.  We are going to see my favorite-est band, Dr. Dog, in March!  
I'm so pumped!!  If I think about it too much then I'll start dancing all over the house again and Forrest's eyes might get stuck in a rolled back position.  The concert is in Nashville, TN which is one of my favorite cities (and Salvador's long distance girlfriend lives there - Hi Minnie!)
     In case you've been living under a rock (or not reading my blog), I'm leaving you with one of their new songs, "That Old Black Hole" from their most recent album "Be The Void" that drops ( <----Ha!  I've always wanted to say that!) February 7th.

Dear Dr Dog,
If you read my blog (and I'm so sure you do),  can we get a back stage pass?  I would really love to meet you all and so would the husband.
Many thanks!
Your biggest stalker fan,


  1. that meal looks delicious!! but I'm with your husband, I would need to top it off with some ice cream. ;)

  2. HA! Actually, we both topped it off with ice cream :)

  3. aww your doggy is so adorable!!
    love the pics!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
    thanks for sharing!


  4. Salvador says "thanks for the compliment" - ha! Checked out those hotpant shorts on your blog - love them! Happy weekend!!!

  5. aww yay!! minnie says hiii salvador!! i hope you enjoy your nashville trip! i do love it here :)