Sunday, September 18, 2011

And now back to your regularly scheduled program....

     If you're a reader of this blog, you know that I took a small break in order to work on another food project.  For the past week I've been brainstorming and making up original recipes and then cooking them for a photo shoot.  The dishes (and recipes) will be featured in the spring edition of the Wiregrass Living Magazine - exciting!  It was a lot of work (measurements, schmeasurements) but so much fun.  I know what you all missed the most so here is the star of the this blog - Salvador....
"You know you missed this. Woofie woof!"
     Since I was usually cooking a dish each night for the photo shoot, there was no way I wanted to cook dinner so we basically lived off these items...
 Veggie dogs, burgers, and beer.
Stacy's Pita Chips smothered with hummus.
 And for dessert, nut and gluten free apple cookies.  Forrest wasn't a big fan of these soft baked goodies so I pretty much ate this box.  Rounding out the week was pizza for him, salads for me.
    After I completed all the food prep I could on Friday night, Forrest packed his growler and we headed to the Cosby's for a pre-photo shoot celebration. 
Jug o' beer.
 Sister was amazed by the beer jug.
 Bill Cosby was thirsty too, ha.
     Later that night, we met up with a few friends at a local bar for more cheers and live music.
Blondes vs.
     The night lasted longer than I had planned and before I knew it, Sister and Amanda were at my front door ready to help with last minute grocery shopping / cooking.  I made eight different vegetarian dishes and we plated them up purrdddy right before the photographer arrived at 11 o' clock.  He took lots and lots of pictures while we cheered on the Auburn Tigers...
Too bad the wrong Tigers won!
Apparently Amanda said something funny.
     After the glamour session was over, we had quite the spread for lunch......
Peppery Portobello "Cheese Steak" Sandwich
 Lunch also included Mexican Quinoa, Greek Bowtie Pasta, Guacamole Linguine,Tofu Ravioli, Veggie Hummus Wraps, Cucumber and Black-eyed Pea Salad, and a Lemonade Pie with Raspberry Sauce.
Sister:  "This quinoa looks like a bunch of ants"
Amanda:  "What should I start with?!?!"
Forrest:  "Where is the meat?!?!"
 Obviously the tofu ravioli was a hit with my three taste-testers.
     We had a blast stuffing our faces and then this happened...........
Sister was the first to go....
 Salvie joined her in Sleepytown minutes later.
**  Thank you....
Sister and Amanda for helping out on Saturday morning and eating all the food, ha.  It was a lot more fun with you two crazies there.
Kristen for the sweet and supportive text.
Forrest for being the dog sitter, clothes washer, floor waxer, plant waterer, grocery shopper, kitchen cleaner etc. all week long :)
and you guys for not forgetting about this ole blog :)


  1. We could never forget about your super-fun happy-time blog! Though I wasn't even taking a blog vacation and completely forgot to blog one day, aieeee!

    I'm so happy everything turned out well for you! Now to invoke your ninja skills against the impending doom of peanut harvesting dusts, eek!

  2. Happy time, Happy time - haha! I'm working on catching up with your blog at the moment :)

    Thanks - I hope the pictures turned out well..I'll let you know which issue the recipes will be in (I think spring time). Ughhhhh - peanuts!

  3. So happy for you! What a wonderful opportunity! I'll be on the look out for that issue of WL! Happy, happy for you! Still waiting on you to cook over here at this house...honey for peanuts (promise)!

  4. Thank you Pam - I always love reading your sweet comments! It was a lot of fun and will be even more fun seeing my food and recipes in the WL mag! You know I'll remind everyone when the issue comes out, haha! :)
    Two Must Do's:
    1) cook (and throw a few back) at your house
    2) purchase local honey :)