Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Strawberry Salad & Adventure Land

     Forrest and Jeremy (Sista K's husband) have been talking about building a climbing wall in the Hester's backyard and the dream finally became a reality Saturday.  They love rock climbing but Dothan is a flat pancake so they are creating their own boulder using wood and climbing holds.  Forrest, Jeremy, and a few other friends worked on it all day long but it's not finished yet - picture soon.
     Forrest got home, took a nap, and then we decided to do something I haven't done since I was 8 years old - miniature golf....
Is this real life?!  (Hey Holly Bells! )
 Umm, yes - this is our real life in Dothan.
 Professional putt-putt golfer - or so he claims.  I happened to get the only hole-in-one of the night - thank ya, thank ya very much.
Cave hole.
 Check out that golf stance - Dad taught me well.  He always said "All business deals happen on the golf course - you should learn." least I learned to play putt-putt - I'm sure he's so proud :)
 He was concentrating - no photos please...oopsie.
 The final score - Forrest beat me by one.  I want a re-match.
     After sweating it out in the 200 degree lower Alabama weather - I decided I was too stinky to go to dinner in public.  I wanted something fruity and cold but Forrest didn't like my idea of drinking our dinner through a Tropical Smoothie straw so I made a salad.  My mom's friend, Rhonda S., gave her this awesome strawberry salad recipe which she passed along to me and I have been meaning to whomp it up for a while.  
Super Strawberry Salad
mixed greens
slivered almonds
fresh strawberries (chopped into halves)
red onion
dried cranberries
feta cheese

Super Strawberry Dressing
1 small package small strawberries
1 cup honey
3/4 cup red wine vinaigrette
pinch of salt / pepper
Pour all ingredients into a blender - and well...blend it until smooth.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours (you could make this dressing the night before and let it chill)
Who needs a strawberry smoothie when you can have this?!!  So refreshing and sweet (but not too sweet) - it was the perfect summer time salad!  
Surprisingly, it was also man-approved...Forrest is a fan!
     *Hey Rhonda S.!  I'm not sure if you read this blog or not but if you do - thank you for a delicious recipe, we both loved it!
      It's Bachelorette o' clock!!!  Salvie can't wait to find out which dude comes back to surprise Ashley - the suspense is killing him...
Yes, that is a long-sleeved shirt and blanket in July.  Forrest keeps our house super flash?!?!


  1. Loved this post!! "Umm, yes - this is our real life in Dothan" really cracked me up because its very true. Also.. its not so bad, right?! :) Keep it up lady!

  2. Hey Amy! Thanks for leaving a comment - I love feedback :) Haha - Dothan really is a nice place to live...close to the beach, no traffic (compared to my experience while living in Birmingham - dreadful), decent shopping, etc. I do wish the circle city had more vegetarian restaurants but living here has forced me to start cooking A LOT more and the ole blog was born here too! :) PS - have you been to Taj?