Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guacamole Pasta

     During my lunch break, I stopped by Dakota Coffee on my way home to grab the latest issue of The Local and it brought a tear to my eye.  A few weeks ago, Salvie decided he wanted to submit an article to the paper and I watched him day and night - brainstorming for ideas, learning how to use a keyboard, and struggling through the English language.  All his hard work paid off and I'm one proud parental unit.  Check out his review of Petite Poodle Salon and Kennels HERE and leave a comment on the page for Salvador :) 
"Ahhh, the smell of success! Woofie!"
 "If only I knew how to read."
 "Bet your dog has never written an article, boo-yahhh.  Woof woof!"
     I wore a big smile on my face all day long and then it was time for dinner.  Originally, I thought about just slingin' some guacamole together and calling it dinner.  After pondering the idea and thinking about how Forrest and I would fight for the last chip dip - I did something weird yet phenomenal.  Guacamole by way of a pasta bowl......
 Chop and saute red onion and green bell pepper in extra virgin olive oil and garlic powder until tender.  Turn off the stove and add chunks of tomato just to warm them up - nobody likes a super soggy mater.  Boil some noodles - I used rotini because I had them in my pantry.
Pick out a perfect avocado.
 Chunk it up and throw in a processor with olive oil, squirt of lime juice, a few droplets of water, and salt / pepper.  Let 'er rip until completely smooth.
 Drain the pasta and mix in the avocado sauce.  Toss in the veggies and drizzle with more extra virgin olive oil.  The only thing keeping this dish from being absolutely perfect - I wish I would have had cilantro in the fridge.  Next time...oh and there will definitely be a next time.  So. Good.
     Forrest and I didn't speak at all during dinner tonight - hell, I don't even think I slowed down long enough to take a breath.  The fork wasn't working fast enough...I needed a shovel.  It was so delicious.  I could go on and on about how awesome this guac pasta bowl was but I won't.  Just remember, if you need a little peace and quiet around the house - make. this.


  1. I will definitely be making this. Chris and I have guac and chips for dinner sometimes, too. Only he likes his w/ pork skins instead of chips.
    He went dove hunting on a ranch in Mexico once and the chef there served pork skins w/ guac. He's been hooked ever since.

  2. Hey Tammy!! Thanks for the comment - I love hearing from people who read this ole bloggy blog :) Guac and pork skins - wow. I hope Forrest doesn't read this and get any ideas, haha :) Let me know if you make the guac pasta bowl and if you like it!

  3. yes, he has mastered a keyboard, but can your dog saute'???

  4. Haha - not yet but we are working on it! You might see Salvador on the next Top Chef episode :)