Monday, July 4, 2011

Fish Tacos and Festive Muffins

     Happy 4th of July!  I'm getting ready for a red, white, and blue celebration today - but here is a photo-heavy recap of how we ate our way through the weekend and onto the holiday!
     After the Poplar Head Farmers Market on Saturday morning, I treadmilled while it rained for a bit.  The skies cleared and then we decided to ride our twenty-five dollar bikes from Wal-Mart around the neighborhood.  While we were peddling around, we noticed something we never see around here - police cars patrolling the streets.  We were pulled over by one of the po-po men for speeding - jokes....they were on the hunt for some vacuum salesmen in two mini-vans and asked if we had seen them.  Slow day at the office, eh?!  Once we avoided getting a speeding ticket, we got home and Forrest fired up the grill for an afternoon lunch-dinner.  He has been begging to grill fish for the four years we have been together but I've shot the idea down every time and suggested we just go to the local Mexican joint to satisfy his fish taco desire - finally, on July 2, 2011 I  gave in.  I asked him to prep and season the grouper outside but he claimed flies would attack it - so I gagged through the smell, opened all the windows, and bitched sat on the porch away from the fishiness.
 Stinky grouper!
 Stinky skin!
Out of the house and ready for the grill - thank goodness.
 The grill master enjoyed this Sweet Water Georgia Brown Ale.
 I drank my favorite water....
 and I'm proud to say that I've managed to not lose this Auburn coozie in six whole years.
  Chill out and hang up the phone - no need to call dog services, this beer is empty.
 "Yeahhhh baby, give me some of that Sweet Water. Woof woof!"
He's wasted...haha, jokes jokes jooookes.
  "Something smells like my fish treats - gimme some. Woofie!"
 While Forrest finished grilling, I whomped up a few toppings for his grouper taco with the ingredients I bought from the farmers market - super fresh pico de gallo and guacamole.
Cooked yet still stinky fish.
 Grouper taco with leftover black bean slaw, pico, guac, and rolled up in a flour tortilla.
Looks pretty - but still stinky.  Forrest loved it - too bad it will be another four years before I allow this to happen again...shewww weee.
People say to me all the time "I know you are a veggie head, but do you eat fish?!" Negative - I eat cucumber-hummus wraps instead.
 And sometimes I get crazy and add a chip in there for crunch.
     Sunday morning rolled around and we got ready for church - too bad we didn't check the service schedule for any holiday time changes.  Just as we were parking, we saw people walking out - oopsie, missed that by about 45 minutes.  After we realized we missed church, this conversation happened:
Forrest - "We are clean, dressed up, and already out - we should do something"
Me - "Yeah, but what?!"
Forrest - "I don't know."
     We went to Texaco - bought a pack of gum and filled up with least we did something in our Sunday best.  As soon as we were back home, we threw back on our lounge clothes, snacked on veggies and fruits, released the beast from his cage, and watched this.....
The Wimbledon men's finals - I love watching Rafael Nadal tennis.  I was hoping Nadal would win but no such luck this year.
     After watching the match, I was inspired to kick some ass on the court play tennis with Forrest even though it was 100 degrees outside.  We headed over to the in-law's for a friendly game that turned ugly - at least for Forrest.  I had him running all over the court and it felt great to hear him say "Man, this is the best you have played in four years - let's take you to the public courts and hussle some peoples."  We didn't - instead we took it to the house and I passed out on the hardwood floor for the next few hours.  The rest of our Sunday was spent watching The Next Food Network Star (I sooo want to be on that show), running around with Salvie in the park, and taking a trip to a salad bar - yum!
    I felt patriotic when I woke up at 4:30 am (not by choice...hmm ummm, Salavador!!!!) this morning - so I brewed a pot of coffee and got my bake on....
Red, white (does the plate count?!), and blue!
 So simple and festive!  Pillsbury blueberry muffin mix (I added cinnamon, ground flax seed, and vanilla extract) with a side of red strawberries!  Happy 4th!!!!


  1. Oh, yes, Grouper's not the happiest fish in the sea, that's for sure. Tilapia is much preferred around these parts. The less fishy a fish smells, the happier I am to eat it, I think- though the cucumber-hummus is definitely more tempting in this case.

    The muffins and strawberries? Yes, ma'am. That's where it's at.

  2. Your taco looks uh-mazing!!!
    Can you share your recipe for the pico and guacamole?

    p.s. yo momma is craaaaazy!!! LOVE her! :)
    Tammy Head