Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aunt Bev & Veggie Table Samples

     Guess who surprised us and came to Dothan Thursday afternoon?!?!  Hint:  she is in the title.  You guessed it - Aunt Bev had a few days off work and made the three hour drive from Birmingham to D'town to hang out with her only favorite nieces.  Sister and I love hanging out with Bevy - never a dull moment....
Horse Pens 40 for a climbing competition / after dark concert - also my first and last camping experience, not a fan.
 Perhaps I should have gotten her permission before posting this photo?!?! Nahhhh.
 No idea but she looks guilty....annnddd I look hungry. 
 Dr Dog concert in Birmingham - we both love, love, loooooove music and live shows!
     Thursday night, Forrest was on Pom duty (he's a sweet husband and Dad, haha) while I met Sister and Aunt Bev at Bullets for trivia night hosted by Peepaw (he's also a talented local photographer - Justin April Photostuffs ).  We enjoyed a few adult beverages and came in last place....
My go-to drink
 Sister and Bev's drink of choice.
     I called it an early night (I'm a mawmaw during the week), worked Friday, and then got busy in the kitchen Friday night to get ready for Veggie Table's debut at the Poplar Head Farmers Market on Saturday morning.
Doing what I do best - chopping veggies.
 Still chopping.
 Aunt Bev came over to help - she was in charge of the corn.
 I learned a corn-tip from her - put the whole thing (husk and all) in the microwave for two minutes on each side - done.  I was a bit skeptical but it was perfect - tender, sweet, and easy!
 Sister was our taste-tester - this girl loves to eat.
 After we were finished whompin' in the kitchen - we celebrated on the back porch.
     Forrest and I woke up early this morning (Saturday), to run a few last minute errands - coolers, ice, tablecloths, trays, etc.  We packed up the car and met Bev at the market to set up.
Salad shooters.
We passed out recipe cards and listed the local vendors who donated the veggies.
  Forrest was in charge of keeping the Tostito Scoops filled up with my Black Bean & Corn Dip.  These Mexi-bites were the most popular...or maybe the ladies just wanted to chat with Forrest - can't blame them :)
 Tomato spread which was inspired by my last trip to Spain for Nat's wedding.  Forrest and I fell in love with this tapa (pan de tomate) during our visit and my version is one of his favorite appetizers now.
 I've made this spread two ways - smash the maters with a fork for a chunkier style or puree in a blender for a smoother spread - both ways are delicious.
It was super hot but we had a blast passing out free samples, meeting other locals who love fresh veggies (almost) as much as me, and I always enjoy hearing/seeing people's reactions after trying my recipes.  Luckily nobody gagged or spit out any food - at least not while I was looking :)
     A few thank yous to:
Aplin Farms, Avalon Farms, and Bell Farms for donating your fresh veggies to me!
Julie Bishop (farmers market coordinator) for letting Veggie Table be a part of the market this year!
My foodie friend, Pam, for coming out to the market and stopping by the Veggie Table (p.s. - I'm glad Ben liked your homemade black bean burgers - it was great to see you!!)
Sister and Aunt Bev for cutting out tons of recipe cards, cooking, and taste-testing!  (Come back soon, Bevy!!!!)
And last but not least, Forrest for putting up with my veggie-crazy self.
     It's been quite the weekend and it's only Saturday afternoon.  For the past 48 hours, I've been choosing bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers over this guy.....
"You got a lot of play time to make up for. Woof woof!"


  1. Love the blog:)and all the pics....thanks for putting the one up with my buckies all up in that corn.HAHA! Had a blast helping, I mean eating. Love you!