Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hellooooo Asian Bistro!

     Let's do a quick recap and then it's on to the main event.  St. Patty's was definitely celebrated on Thursday night.  After dealing with a migraine that morning and napping here/there/everywhere,  I was finally ready for a tall glass of green beer.  We took our Irish spirit to Bullets' back porch where we were joined by all our other leprechaun friends.  We drank brews, had a few Irish-inspired shots (bad idea), chatted, and then poor Forrest had to go to work the next morning.
    Luckily, my Friday did not consist of hanging out in a cubicle but I did have to clean our house, go to Publix, wash our clothes, hit up the cleaners, and drop Salvie off at the doggie salon.  I picked up a clean, fluffy Pom and since the salon is located close to the Cosby's house....Sal and I did a "pee-by".  Sister walked out to my car to see her cottonball nephew in her cute sun dress and sandals.  As soon as she picked up the Pom, he peed all over her dress, then it was Dave's turn to get sprayed, and then we drove off - mission accomplished, ha.
    On to Friday night's dinner....our friend, Corey, told us 398103423 days ago about Asian Bistro's awesome Vietnamese food but for some reason we didn't believe him (jokes, we just always cooked or went elsewhere).  Humongo mistake - it's tofu central (which is not common in Dothan, AL)!!!  The menu choices go on forever - check it out Asian Bistro.  I officially love this restaurant and can't believe we have not been taking advantage of this Vietnamese hotness and it's super cheap prices!
Tofu Summer rolls with dipping sauce = YUM!
Tofu, basil, bean sprouts, and lettuce - as you can imagine, this was right up my alley. 
 Forrest ordered a bowl of Pho (highly recommended by Corey) - Vietnamese soup served with noodles, beef, basil, lime juice, jalapeƱos, broth , and lots of secret spices. 
 Biggest bowl of soup ever and Forrest loved every slurp of it.
Vietnamese Tofu Po'Boy garnished with shredded carrots, cucumber, and lots of cilantro - also up my alley.  
I can't tell you the last time I got a fortune cookie - I actually hate the way they taste but love the surprise inside.
     So, what did I learn from this whole experience?? 
1)  Always listen to Corey
2)  We can get all that food plus a brewski for under $17
3)  I want to go back immediately
4)  I love date nights with Forrest :)
    It's now Saturday morning and after a pot of coffee...we are getting ready to hit up the tennis court.  It's the first time for us to be back on the court since last spring/summer - ballz are sure to be flying all over the place.  And I leave you with this.....Sal found a water bottle (no idea it could be so loud) and Forrest's belt this morning....
"Please stop - it's too early to take pictures...woof"


  1. what i'll miss most when i move from arlington, tx is the vietnamese food. we have a ton of vietnamese people here and they have their own little community with the most awesome home cooked vietnamese food. i'm glad you found a place you love. can't beat cheap pho and spring rolls!

  2. Yum! Sounds like Arlington, TX is the place to be for Vietnamese food! Forrest definitely loved the Pho and I, of course, loved the tofu summer rolls!