Tuesday, March 8, 2011

California Yogurt Kraze

      Happy Fat Tuesday!  What am I doing to celebrate?!  Sitting on my fat a**, hanging out with fat Salvie (he's gained two pounds since we bought him!), and watching "The Bachelor" that I recorded from last night - what a blast, huh?!  I actually think so, ha!  I couldn't get out of the office fast enough and then I hit a speed bump - two tractors creepy crawling at a pace of 12 mph.  I made a dumb decision (I'm awful with directions)....I turned off my normal route thinking I was bound to run into Hwy 84.  The road went from pavement to dirt quick-like.  I kept driving and came to a confusing stop sign - of course, I turned the wrong way.  Fifteen minutes later, I finally made it to the highway just in time to see the tractors had already beat me...awesome.
     Forrest is going to be home super late tonight so no cooking - instead, I thought I would share our sweet treat from Saturday afternoon.  I think we all know my super love for yogurt (especially Chobani Greek Yogurt - it's chooo yum! Am I talking right now?!?!).  Forrest hates all yogurt that isn't frozen and drowning in twenty-five loco toppings - enter California Yogurt Kraze (California Yogurt Kraze)!!!  I nearly (keyword) pee my pants when I walk into Cali Kraze (sort of like Sal when we have visitors)...lots of different frozen yogurt flavors and tons of toppings - Mmmmmmmm!!!!  Salvador wanted to drive us to the yogurt joint and show off his new jacket-collar so we all hopped in the car.....
"Buckle up kids! Woof woof"
     We took turns staying in the car with our furry driver and I was first to get my kraze on.....
Vanilla and pomegranate yogurt topped with blackberries, graham cracker, and granola.
   Forrest was up next and he came back with this bowl of health......
Umm, what?!?! Vanilla and chocolate yogurt with oreos, cookie dough, reese pieces, m&m's, and at the bottom was one raspberry...way to get some fruit in there.
 Sal was going bonkers...not sure if he wanted the yogurt or was just getting burned by my hotness, ha!
     Three things before I crawl in the bed at 7:20 pm:
1)  I promise to have a new vegetarian dish tomorrow night
2)  Be sure to check out The Local (and LIKE it!)  First issue will be out and about on March 16th!!!
3)  Who doesn't love a sock monkey?!?!  This guy does....


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  2. Thanks for those vegetarian tips, Dan!

  3. Man oh man, that soft serve it taking over the blog world... I feel so left out.. it looks so yummy :)
    Love your pup!

  4. Hey Brittany! I read your blog every morning - and LOVE it! You have such awesome health tips (and your food looks delish!) Soft serve with 239,516,847 toppings - so yum!!!!! The pup is out of control :)