Friday, November 19, 2010

My Chili Dog Experience

    This will be a very quick post because we are headed to the beach for the weekend with Sister, Dave and a few other friends!  The best part about living in Dothan is the 90 minute drive to sun, sand, and water!  Sha-mo!
    Today at lunch I was itching to get out of the cubby hole I sit in all day so I decided to watch Al and David eat at "Cleans" (the alternative option is "Dirties" so this place was a step up).  We drove to the big city of Columbia and entered a hole in the wall.  As soon as we walked in, I knew I was in trouble...there was a greasy fried fog in the air and the smell of meat permeated the entire room.  We ordered drinks and Al went for a salad which was at least something I am familiar with.  Lunch took a turn for the worse when David's food was brought to the table and placed directly across from me.....

    A monster chili dog with onions and cheese and a side of fries....a vegetarian's nightmare.  I know a lot of people love a good chili dog (Forrest included) but I can't wrap my mind around how someone eats's seriously beyond comprehension for me.  On the other side of me was Al's main course of a pile of randomness...I'm not sure what he was devouring....maybe some beans cooked in lard, soggy okra, fries were involved, and some sort of mysterious looking meat.  Needless to say, lunch was quite an experience and I have Dave and Al to thank. Next time I think I need a break from the cubicle...I will think again.  Happy Weekend!


  1. I think you have to devour that sort of thing with a fork. I made vegetarian chili dogs one night, but they were more, uh, organized than this. :3

  2. Hahahaha - more organized, I like it!